Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this story in the Independent?

This is the picture of a story from the Independent.

It concerns shocking figures unearthed by Scottish Lib Dem Health Spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton which show the terrible lengths of time people can wait for discharge from hospital in Scotland for “health and social care reasons”, There was one example where one person had to wait for almost a year and a half.


Alex said:

In November I asked the First Minister about a constituent of mine who had spent 150 nights in hospital due to delayed discharge.

Nicola Sturgeon described the situation as unacceptable.“What then are we to make of patients in hospital for up to 500 nights, perhaps because carers can’t be found to visit them at home or there isn’t a care home place available?

Under the SNP, 1,000 beds were lost from Scotland’s hospitals during the same three years. Our under-pressure NHS can ill afford delayed discharges on this extreme scale.

Our social care spokesperson, Karen Clark added:

For someone to be needlessly stuck in hospital for up to eighteen months is nothing short of a national scandal.

Medical staff had declared these patients ready to leave. Seeing care packages fall through, time after time, causes patients and their families immense stress. And there can be no doubt that someone spending such a prolonged time in hospital when they should be at home will impair their mental and physical health.

These statistics show the scale of the task that integrated joint boards faced when they took over. We urgently need to know what steps these boards and SNP ministers have taken to ensure that such waits are eliminated from the system.

Obviously, it’s good that the Independent published the story. But they have made a bit of a mistake with it. Can you see what it is?

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings