16-17 May 2020: the weekend’s press releases

Lib Dems: Covid-19 mental health implications a ticking time bomb Lib Dems call for permanent remote voting option for MPs Govt must be transparent if they want public support for reopening schools Davey: Govt approach to tracing ‘totally inadequate’ Lib Dems: Govt putting ideology above people’s lives in refusing to extend Brexit talks Govt must […]

17 November 2019 – today’s press releases

Lib Dems commit £6 billion per year to strengthen welfare system Lib Dems: Unholy alliance signs up to Johnson’s disastrous deal Lib Dems: Tory migration policy panders to Farage Swinson: Clueless Corbyn cannot answer the most basic questions on Brexit Labour pursuing Brexit makes their dentist policy ‘undeliverable’ Lib Dems: Tory nurse tax ballooning due […]

Luciana: EU staff critical to our NHS

Lib Dem Health Spokesperson Luciana Berger has spoken out about how Brexit would harm our NHS, emphasising how reliant we are on EU doctors and nurses. Analysis done by the Labour Party highlights that NHS staff work a million hours of unpaid overtime every week. That doesn’t surprise me. When my husband was seriously ill […]

15 November 2019 – yesterday’s press releases

Tories pushing ‘Trumpian agenda’ on immigration Lib Dems: Record waiting times show Tories “dismal record” on NHS Tusk comments show there is “light at the end of the tunnel” for Remainers Tories pushing ‘Trumpian agenda’ on immigration Responding to Priti Patel’s comments regarding cutting overall levels of immigration, Liberal Democrats Shadow Home Affairs spokesperson, Christine […]