10 April 2019 – the overnight press releases

Report proves need for a transformational investment in mental health

The Liberal Democrats have called for a “transformational investment in mental health” following a report by the Children’s Commissioner for England which shows over a third of local areas have cut real terms spending on ‘low level’ children’s mental health services.

Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Judith Jolly said:

The desperate lack of funding for children’s mental health services leaves young people with nowhere to turn. This is exactly why issues like depression and anxiety become worse. It doesn’t need to be this way.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, but the Tories have stuck their fingers in their ears and slashed budgets time and again. Children and young people deserve better, and the Liberal Democrats demand better.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party with a plan to ensure no child is left behind. Liberal Democrats offer a transformational investment in mental health services through investing a penny on income tax.

Lib Dems call on Number 10 to dump the scales when treating eating disorders

Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse will today take the ‘Dump the Scales’ campaign to 10 Downing Street alongside mental health campaigner Hope Virgo.

The petition, which calls for Body Mass Index to be disregarded by clinicians when diagnosing eating disorders, was launched after Hope Virgo was told she wasn’t thin enough to receive anorexia treatment.

Hope Virgo now has 70,000 people supporting her campaign which also calls on the Government to review eating disorder guidance.

Speaking ahead of handing in the petition, Wera Hobhouse said:

The sheer number of people facing eating disorders without adequate support is shocking.

No one should have to suffer alone. I admire everyone who has had the courage to share their stories and help raise awareness and increase understanding.

Through working alongside Hope and others who have suffered with eating disorders, I’ve learned just how desperately needed proper support and treatment is.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. By introducing standard waiting times for adults, we would ensure people get the treatment they need quickly. It is also vital that we equip doctors and the NHS with the tools needed so the treatment genuinely helps people get better. The huge number of people who have signed the petition is testament to the need for urgent change.

UK Govt must speak out on the death penalty

Responding to the publishing of Amnesty International’s annual death penalty report, Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael said:

The UK opposes the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle. As long as our allies far and wide continue to execute people, it shows opposing it is simply not enough.

The Conservative Government must do more to ensure the countries named by Amnesty International move towards abolishing the death penalty.

Not only is China the highest on the list, but their poor record of human rights abuses also extends to the treatment of the Uyghur people.
By failing to speak out, the Conservative Government does further damage to our currently diminishing reputation on the world stage.

It is clear the UK Government has a duty to act. If Conservative Ministers fail to join Liberal Democrats in standing up for fundamental British values, then they are ignoring people who are in most need of our support.