27 November 2019 – today’s press releases

Lib Dem poster attacks Johnson for lying to Queen, Parliament and people Lib Dems: Trump to profit from Brexit Britain Lib Dems – Immigration detention must be absolute last resort Welsh Lib Dems welcome votes at 16 Leaked documents show US offered PR advice to UK over chlorinated chicken Lib Dem poster attacks Johnson for […]

17 November 2019 – today’s press releases

Lib Dems commit £6 billion per year to strengthen welfare system Lib Dems: Unholy alliance signs up to Johnson’s disastrous deal Lib Dems: Tory migration policy panders to Farage Swinson: Clueless Corbyn cannot answer the most basic questions on Brexit Labour pursuing Brexit makes their dentist policy ‘undeliverable’ Lib Dems: Tory nurse tax ballooning due […]

13 November 2018 – today’s press releases

We’ve had a deluge of press releases today, perhaps unsurprisingly, given events… Moran: Isolation booths are a symbol of a broken education system Davey: Brexodus already damaging NHS and social care Lib Dems back move to defeat ‘craven’ Govt over FOBT delay Brexit will derail the gravy train Davey: Tory cuts make our borders less […]