Build Back Fairer: the new mantra for now

Embed from Getty Images This title is about health equity issues, however, not building better houses. Professor Sir Michael Marmot, author of the Marmot Review – Health Equity in England Ten Years On which was published in February this year, has led a follow-up study called Build Back Fairer: The Covid-19 Marmot Review. The new […]

Reflections on World Mental Health Day

Back in 2007, when Nick Clegg made mental health the focus of his first major speech as Lib Dem Leader, it was pretty groundbreaking. And we walked the walk as well as talked the talk. Arguably the most successful part of our time in coalition was Norman Lamb’s work as mental health minister. Not only […]

LibLink: Vince Cable Disbanding Public Health England is the last thing the Government should be doing right now

Writing in the Independent this week, Vince Cable condemned the Government’s decision to shut down Public Health England. He suggested that it was the scapegoat for the Government’s policy failings before setting out why it is such a bad idea: Aside from practical questions about who is to deal with other public health issues like […]

29 June 2020 – today’s press releases

Govt must make mental health support available to health and care workers New Trade and Agriculture Commission must be a “watchdog with teeth” – Farron Govt must stop spending money on measures that don’t prevent crime Govt must make more help available for people and businesses in Leicester Govt must make mental health support available […]

18 May 2020 – today’s press releases

Lib Dems launch calls for more mental health support for health and care staff Lib Dems lead cross party push to keep pubs in business People deserve an upfront answer from Powys MPs Govt must increase testing capacity to maintain credibility Lib Dems launch calls for more mental health support for health and care staff […]

16-17 May 2020: the weekend’s press releases

Lib Dems: Covid-19 mental health implications a ticking time bomb Lib Dems call for permanent remote voting option for MPs Govt must be transparent if they want public support for reopening schools Davey: Govt approach to tracing ‘totally inadequate’ Lib Dems: Govt putting ideology above people’s lives in refusing to extend Brexit talks Govt must […]

Ten years of living with the Black Dog

Embed from Getty Images My first encounter with what I call the black dog was in the early months of 2010, not long after I went off work the previous autumn. I initially rebuffed my GP’s offer of antidepressants. That was partly because of a misplaced idea that it would be an admission of weakness […]